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Artist's Blog: ReinCARnation

Hubcap Lily Pad

A single Hubcap Lily Pad using 13 hubcaps of varying designs.


Welcome to the first installment of my Recycled Art Blog dedicated to the voyage of the sculpture “ReinCARnation Hubcap Lily Pads.” It has been accepted for the Art in the Park sculpture exhibit and will be one of more than 20 sculptures that will grace Elm Park in Worcester MA this summer July 25-October 13.

You are invited to these fun events:
INSTALLATION: Thursday July 25th 9AM-12PM. Look for a yellow canoe near the Red Bridge in Elm Park. If you want to help with installation let me know -- I love having helpers and photo-takers!

OPENING: Saturday July 27th, 5-8 PM. There will be Artist Tours, Music by Joy of Music Jazz Ensemble and Food Vendors for your enjoyment. (Rain Date is July 28.)

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE ARTISTS:  Thursday August 1, 5:30-6:30pm
Both Susan Champeny & Sarah Williams will be there!

 “ReinCARnation” had a maiden voyage as part of the Art on the Beltline exhibit in Atlanta GA last fall. It used 63 hubcaps, the maximum that fit in my car for the 1200-mile drive. Half of the hubcaps did not survive the journey, but for a good reason! I gave them to generous folks willing to give Gas Grants to cover the cost of transporting the sculpture to/from Atlanta.

Now I am re-building the sculpture for Elm Park -- bigger and better. I am feverishly working to prepare the sculpture to go into the water in 3 weeks time: washing over 100 hubcaps, painting them bright orange and hot pink, and adding pool noodles underneath for flotation. This new edition will sport 20 hubcaps from the original installation and another 60-80 foraged from the streets of Worcester last winter.

I have a couple of spare 7-unit Lily Pads available for sale for $700 each. They would make an exciting water feature for your pond or pool this summer.

I am continuing the Grant Program for this version of the sculpture, since it must be completely rebuilt for the new environment. Art in the Park does provide a stipend, which defrays the cost of transporting and installing the sculpture, but does not cover the supplies (spray paint, pool noodles, zip ties, water to wash with) and labor. Sponsorships can be made by cash, check and Paypal. If you want your own personal flotation device lily pad, I will be happy to gift you a hubcap for any Grant of $50 or more. The gifts will be delivered in October when the sculpture is de-installed, and cleaned, re-painted and re-noodled so you can use them in your own pond or pool.

I will be putting out a blog email every so often for the duration of the project. Let me know if you would enjoy receiving it.
Happy recycling,



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